Get started with radio art by learning how to make a battery powered radio transmitter for use in sound installations and performances. Simplify installations with wireless connectivity, or experiment with the sounds of radio interference. In this workshop we will utilize soldering and circuitry skills to build a miniature radio […]

Pocket Sized Radio transmitter

Make your own theremin using an Arduino!  By the end of the workshop students will be able to make a Theremin like instrument that can create sounds through bodily movement. They will also have a basic understanding of the Mozzi sound library where they can adjust and personalize the sound […]

Mozzi Theremin

I am at the home stretch and will be finished this masters program soon. Check out a video of what will become my final exhibition piece.

Third Term: Speakers in Tongues

  The second term is almost up and I just finished up my first Masters exhibit at Emily Carr University’s Concourse Gallery. I am doubling down on the sound work, which makes me rethink the labeling of my “Video” section of this website. Basically, what you’re looking at is a […]

Second Term: Flight Lines

So, one term down and three more to go. This has been an incredibly bumpy start to graduate school. I have barely done anything and what I have done has alienated me to say the least.  My midterm painting was kind of personal, so the comments that I received made […]

First Term