I am a Canadian based painter, musician, draftsman and writer who began on a buttoned down path to becoming an engineering technologist, but has expanded into the world of fine arts. My education consists of a diploma from the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology in the field of Design and Drafting Technology (2005), a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of British Columbia (2013) and a Masters of Applied Arts from Emily Carr University of Fine Arts (2016). Currently you can find me conducting technology demos and fine arts workshops. I have shown in group exhibitions at the Gam Gallery and Charles H Scott Gallery in Vancouver, British Columbia. I am still waiting on a solo show.

Artist’s Statement

My practice started in painting, but over time I began to question the accuracy of my representational portraits. During the same period, I played music in a band, which offered me the opportunity to explore a different experience that enriched my knowledge and perspective. It now feels like a natural progression that I explore this form of music making into my artistic practice, allowing me to integrate my mixed heritage subjectivity with those who collaborate with me. Through a multi-disciplinary approach to art, I now expand my musical repertoire and look to make sounds beyond genre and focus on creating sound spaces that embody my research about representing subjectivity and chaotic systems. What are the physical and ethereal possibilities for a chaotic system? How can a chaotic system function as metaphor for subjectivity? Why does chaos appeal to me? My intent is to clarify the complexity of subjectivity and explore its structure through the lenses of the rhizome, chaos and narrative. The many sources in my research span alternative music, literary fiction and philosophy, where I find music and fiction strengthen the ideas presented in philosophical texts.

Chris Jung – Curriculum Vitae